Company Overview
Inland Northwest Cinemedia operates exclusive onscreen, pre-show movie advertising programs on 85 screens in Washington (Spokane, Airway Heights, Pullman, Wenatchee, Ellensburg) and Idaho (Lewiston, Moscow). Our program “Up Front, and Local”, advertises businesses, events, government entities, and non-profits to over 2 million captive, engaged, affluent, and receptive moviegoers every year. The “Up Front, and Local” program projects client’s ads using the same Digital Cinema Projectors (DCP) the theatres use to show their movies. Visually the full screen ads are as big, bright, and sharp as the movies themselves, with movie quality surround-sound audio as well. The ads are mixed in with HD entertainment and short features to create an even more engaging pre-show. The ads are seen before every movie, on every screen, every day of the year.
“Up Front and Local” engages and entertains moviegoers while they wait for their show to start. People are in a perfect state of mind when they wait for their movie. When you are one of those advertisers, your message can’t be turned off, thrown away, or DVR-ed out, nor can your channel be changed. Media studies consistently show that moviegoers view cinema advertisers’ ads more positively than other types of media, and, therefore, have higher recall of those ads. We also partner with an affiliate production company to create still, animation, or video ads for our clients. If a client submits their own ad we need it in a specific DCP format.

Cinema advertising revenues rose 6.5% from $636 million in 2012 to $678 million in 2013, according the latest figures from the Cinema Advertising Council. “Cinema advertising contributed to this rise, in part, by reaching a higher proportion of ad-avoiding and multitasking users”. Overall moviegoers are 157% more likely to see the ads at the movie theatre than on TV”.   Media Daily News.

Key Personnel
Kelly Murphy: President
Mary Beth Murphy: Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Contracting Highlights:

Spokane County Fire District 9 and 10
Spokane County Regional Waste Systems
Chelan County Public Utilities Department
Kitsap County Public Works/Department of Corrections
Kittitas Valley Public Health Department
Link Transit Wenatchee Washington
Army/Navy/National Guard/Air Force-Recruitment
Washington State Department of Corrections
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Washington State Patrol